Social Media Team


The Social Media Team gets the word out in any and every way.  That make sure everyone knows what’s coming up, what’s happening online and what they missed.  They are the tendrils of outreach of all the ministries.  This is the “Go into all the world…” part of our ministry.

The Social Media Team is led by Rodney Mendiola.   Fill out this form for more information or to join the Social Media Team.

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  • Social Media Team

    Spark: Social Media And Reputation Team (SMART)
    Spark: Social Media And Reputation Team (SMART)

    The online planning space for New Hope Central Oahu's Social Media and Reputation Team (S.M.A.R.T.) ((Be grateful, it was almost the Social Media Utilization Team, agents of SMUT! LOL!))

    Group Leader:
    Rich Fewell