Join The Team

So how does one get started serving in the online and multimedia ministries of New Hope Central Oahu?

Joining Spark Checklist

(  )  Watch the “New Hope Spark Introduction” video on the front page.

(  )  Take this general Spiritual Gift Assessment

(  )  Fill out the NHCO Spark Questionnaire . (See below)

(  )  Tell Pastor Rich you are ready to:

  1. Make a one year commitment to New Hope Spark
  2. Complete assigned training
  3. Attend every meeting possible
  4. Work at least 2 hours a week on NHCO Spark projects on your own schedule.

(  )  Accept offer to join a Team

(  )  Accept invitation for and use to receive your team’s assignments.  Watch “Getting Started with Trello” for introductory information.

(  )  Follow New Hope Spark on social media (especially Twitter) for updates.


Becoming a part of the New Hope Spark ministry begins with answering the questionnaire below.  Some of the questions are just for fun, but please give us your best and most accurate answers.  We use this to help put you on the team that is right for you.

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