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Just wanted to let everyone know I have a family commitment tonight and am cancelling tonight’s Web Team meeting.  No meeting tonight.  -Pastor Rich

An Army officer, faced with a personal crisis is forced to reevaluate himself and the God in which he believes.  #MyStory #NewHopeSpark



Miss the meeting last night?  Then you missed an explosive new member initiation, a comprehensive overview of the ministry to date and you missed the news about the exciting new things coming soon.  It’s not too late.  Set aside some time to watch it now.

3/20/16 – ALL-SPARK Meeting

Hi New Hope Spark Team!

I’ve just updated the website calendar with all our team trainings until the end of June. Please check the calendar and add the appropriate meetings to your personal calendar. Thank you for your commitment to the Lord through New Hope Spark.



Pastor Rich

Attention Social Media Team,

PizzaLet’s lay down a promotional foundation for the next few months and have fun doing it!  We’re throwing a Hootsuite Pizza Party!  Sunday night, March 13 from 5 to 8pm we are going to pass the pizza around and start programming all our baseline social media for March through May.  There will be laughs and games and maybe even tears!  Trust me, you’ve never been to a ministry meeting like this!  Spread the word and get your campus movers and shakers there!  Whether you are a pro or a Hootsuite N00b, you have a role to play.

See you there!

Social Media Team, we are moving the Hootsuite pizza party to Sunday the 13th.