Model Of Ministry for New Hope Spark

Here is Our Model Of Ministry for New Hope Spark

Access → Connection → Relationship → Affinity → Influence → Conversion

Access is the beginning point,… the on ramp. It is openness, transparency, coming along side of, it is vulnerable, real, reachable,…. accessible. The more avenues someone can access us, the better. Loyalty begins with access. Access leads to connection.

Authentic access builds authentic connections between “brands and fans”. Once you have established access you can begin to become genuinely interested in others. See the real them. Know their personalities. Discover the similarities and commonalities. Find your common ground and common needs. Connections lead to relationships.

Once you establish common ground, you establish a relationship. You have a mutual understanding established. You know and trust how another thinks on some topic. You share a reason for being “there”. You have a relationship. Relationships lead to affinity.

When like-minded people gather to enjoy a common experience, they tighten their bond for both one another and the experience itself. They begin to identify with the group and the experience. They begin to love both. A community is birthed! Affinity leads to influence.

People who identify together mutually influence each other. The larger the group the more powerful the influence becomes. They begin to share values and ways of thinking. Influence, over time, leads to conversion.

Conversion simply means authentic agreement with the vision and values of the group. Members of the community use their influence to convert new followers to join the conversation and, eventually, the community.

Examples: Jesus and the disciples, The brick and mortar church, The 5 C’s of church (Community, Crowd, Congregation, Committed, Core), Online church, Social Media

(This material is expanded and developed from a portion of “How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age”)

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